Basic information of My Advertising Pays


Hello everyone, in this article I will be getting into the absolute basics of My Advertising Pays. I will be talking mostly about the basic things such as what the company is, how it works, what are events and who organize them etc, just to get to know more about the business.

So, let’s just start with the definition of MAPS.

My Advertising Pays is an online advertising platform which shares it’s profit with their members. It has various advertising products such as credit packs and credit boosters.

Unlike all the other PTC (Paid to Click) sites which only shares 10% of the profit with their members and keep 90% themselves, My Advertising Pays shares 95% of the profit with their members.

On My Advertising Pays, you can either purchase credit packs and use them to display your ads and promote Clickbank products or simply click 10 ads a day to make money from the daily profit share.

What is a credit pack ? 

Credit Pack is a product of My Advertising Pays which can be used to display your ads or to make money from the profit share.

Each credit pack costs $50 Dollars and returns $60 Dollars in about 4 months. It means that if you have 1 credit pack, you will make a profit of $10 Dollars in 4 months on average.

Once the credit pack reaches $60 Dollars, it expires and you have to purchase it again.

So each credit pack gives you about $0.50 Dollars per day on average. However, this amount is not fixed. The profit share rates can be anywhere from $0.40-$0.70 Dollars depending on the rates of market share.

Remember, you have to click 10 ads to make money from the profit share. If you don’t click ads, you will not make money from profit share for that day.

So, let’s say you take massive action (because you are a massive action taker) and purchase 100 credit packs on the first day.

With 100 credit packs, you will be making $50 Dollars every day which means that you can buy another credit pack every day.

Day 1:                                       100 credit packs
Day 2:                                       101 credit packs
Day 3:                                       102 credit packs
Day 4:                                       103 credit packs
Day 5:                                       —
Day 6:                                       —
Day 101:                                  200 credit packs (Now, you are making $100 everyday so you can buy 2 credit packs)
Day 102:                                  202 credit packs
Day 103:                                  204 credit packs


So, as you can see how powerful is this compounding effect. Once you have enough credit packs, it starts growing all on auto pilot. The key is not to withdraw and keep repurchasing credit packs from the profit share earnings until you hit 1200 credit packs.

The Secret 1200 Credit Pack Limit

Stop Sign

Now, this is where it gets interesting. You can’t purchase more than 1200 credit packs.

Why ?

Well, no one knows it except My Advertising Pays. It’s a limit set by them to make the system stable and functioning properly and keep paying all the members on time. This is a mathematically calculated value by a mathematician hired by MAPS.

Once you reach 1200 credit packs, all you have to do is just sit back and withdraw your money because anything after 1200 is just pure revenue. In other words, you become really rich and can quit your day job.

CEO of My Advertising Pays

Mike Deese

This is Mike Deese, the Chief Executive Officer and the boss of My Advertising Pays. He had worked for the United States Air Force in the past but has retired now. Basically, he was getting very angry with all the liars in the Internet Marketing Industry and he wanted to bring a change. He was on the look out of finding a true system that was capable of generating genuine, long-term, passive income online. After working hard for several years, he founded my advertising pays.

What are events ? 

Events of My Advertising Pays are not official, rather they are organized by the top leaders of MAPS in a specific country. Basically, it’s an introduction of the company to the other people interested in the business. Top leaders prepare a presentation in power point, and then display the slides on a projector in front of a large audience, introducing what the company is, how to make money with it, what are the different products of the company etc.

Here is an example of what an event looks like.

my advertising pays event


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