How Advertising Works in MAP


A Comprehensive Guide to MAP Advertising

As most of you people know that My Advertising Pays is an advertising platform which also shares its revenue with the program participants. So today, our topic of discussion is slightly different than the traditional ones, because we’re not going to dig into the money making strategies associated with MAP but rather the tools and options provided in the platform for pure advertising. Many a times, people overlook the advertising portion on which MAP is originally based and that is in our view a waste of resources.

MAP members are in confusion when it comes to advertising – they often ask what to advertise? How to know whether the traffic is hot or cold? And other basic questions. We’ve decided to cover most of the basic questions, tools and ideas/businesses to advertise on MAP with step-by-step instructions. Creating an advertisement campaign on MAP is as easy as pie!

First things first

In order to advertise on MAP, you need to register an account on the platform and agree with the Terms & Conditions. Once your account is ready to go, play with the settings, edit your profile and make sure everything is OK. When you begin to feel comfortable with the Control Panel/Back Office, then it’s the right time to introduce you to the advertising products. The most basic and chief product of this platform is known as Credit Pack which you’ll often hear the most across the Internet.

A Credit Pack is an advertising product that costs $50 and comes equipped with 550 Regular Credits and 10 Credit Boosters. 1 Regular Credit is equivalent of 1 text ad impression and 1 Credit Booster increases the ad surf time to 30 seconds (10 seconds is the default ad surf time). Not only that but each Credit Pack qualifies you for the daily profit share of the company. Okay so, you’ve a good number of Regular Credits & Credit Boosters, now what? The first step is to create a campaign and for that, there’s an option under the “Advertising Center” in left column of your Panel:


Campaign Information

Once you’re inside the “Setup Campaign” option, you’ll see several fields left blank for you to enter your campaign information. The fields are explained below:

Headline Text: This is the text which will appear as headline in the Traffic Exchange. It’s important to make it creative and filled with curiosity as you only have 40 characters.



Text Description: This is the text which will appear under your headline as description which gives an outlook of your advertisement. You’re limited to 130 characters so make sure use the best words.



Keyword/Phrases: You can place relevant words in this field for your niche or business to make your campaign or advertisement more appropriate and recognizable. It doesn’t appear in the Traffic Exchange though.

Target URL: This is the field in which you can place your URL or simply a website link which will take the ad viewer to your business site, landing page or whatsoever you want it to be there.

URL Display: You can hide your actual URL by placing few words in this field. This way, you can attract more people towards your ad.



In our case, we’ve filled out the fields like this:

map test campaign

Now, let’s hit the Preview button!

map preview campaign

Pretty straightforward, right? Now, let’s confirm our test campaign and assign the Credits & Credit Boosters so it appears in the Traffic Exchange. Afterwards, select your appropriate campaign category and hit the “Select All Countries” to save yourself some time. Hit “Complete” afterwards.  

map categories

Once your campaign is setup, it’ll look like this:

map text ads

Now as you can see, we’ve not applied any Credit or Credit Boosters. It means that our ad will not appear in the Traffic Exchange. So let’s assign some Credits, we don’t need to apply Boosters because 10 seconds is more than enough for us. You can apply according to your needs. Click on “Assign Credit/Booster” and a new window will open:

my advertising pays credits

Hit Confirm and guess what next? Nothing. You’re done!

Campaign Stats


It is important to monitor your campaign statistics such as the CTR (Click-through rate) so you can keep track of your advertisement whether it’s getting viewed by the people or not. The option is present under the “Advertising Center” in left column menu:


There you can monitor your campaign or different ads.

my advertising pays campaign headline

That is pretty much all that you need to successfully setup a campaign. You can manage the campaign such as assigning more Credits, Credit Boosters, pausing your campaign or even deleting it, the options are right inside the option. If you’re running short on Credits or Boosters then you can always purchase more Credit Packs to increase the number. My Advertising Pays is a logical system which is very easy-to-use and anyone, from anywhere can make money or advertise on this platform!

Want to see the whole process in a video format ? Watch the video below!