How To Build Your MAPS Business From Scratch ?

Starting From Scratch

Sup Everyone, How you doing ?

Today, I’ll be going to write about how you can start your online My Advertising Pays business from complete scratch.

As you may already know, it’s absolutely crucial to build your MAPS business if you want to make thousands of dollars online and the key is referring people.

Yes, you heard it right. The key to building online MAPS business is to bring other people in My Advertising Pays because you get 10% commission every time someone join MAPS and purchases a credit pack under you.

Imagine, you have hundreds of referrals purchasing credit packs every single day ?

You would literally be making a killing from the referral commission alone.

Now, the problem is how to convince other people to join and invest in My Advertising Pays ?

If you’re thinking why will someone join under me, or why will people invest in MAPS or simply how to get people to invest in My Advertising Pays, this article is for you!

I will be discussing practical ways to get referrals in My Advertising Pays in record time.

So, let’s get started.

Method 1 – Local Community

local community

Just look around. The real world around you is YOUR COUNTRY, or the local community where you live. This basically includes the society and your neighbors and your country in general.

The key is to become a leader and authority in your country about My Advertising Pays.

Now, there are many ways of getting referrals in local community. You can write a guide about My Advertising Pays in your language, print out a few hundred copies of the guide, and send it to the local community. Make sure to have your phone number listed in the guide so that the people reading your book can contact you and know more about the business. Then you can simply follow up on cell phone and get them to join My Advertising Pays and purchase credit packs, under your referral link of course.

You can also post an ad about My Advertising Pays in your local magazines and include your cell phone number. People in your country who reads magazines will contact you about the business. You can then follow up and have them join MAPS and have them purchase credit packs.

Method 2 – Talk to Friends & Family

family in shadow

Let’s be honest. The people who trust you the most in your life are your friends, and your family or relatives.

One of the best ways to start getting quick referrals in my advertising pays is to talk to your family, friends and relatives simply because it’s easy to convince them since they already trust you and you don’t need to build trust.

Don’t worry thinking something will go wrong. The worst that can happen is they saying ‘no’. It won’t ruin your relationships or they thinking you’re a scam or anything. Just do it and you will be amazed at the results.

It has worked for me great, and it will work great for you too.

Show them testimonials, proofs etc and have them watch the presentation video before joining MAPS.

I have personally got some diamond members talking to my friends and people I personally know 😉

Okay, so these are the two “Most Powerful” ways of getting fast referrals in My Advertising Pays.

If you take action on these methods, it will definitely take your MAPS business to the next level.

So, this is all about how you can build you MAPS business from scratch. It’s really that simple!

I’ve found a great video that teaches how to refer people in My Advertising Pays. You can watch it below: