Call Of Duty Mobile Gameplay And Latest Features

Published on November 27, 2019


Call of Duty Mobile is one that game that has supported so much to grow the mobile gaming industry. Call of Duty Mobile is released a few months ago, and installing numbers of this amazing game is just increasing so faster.

Every player who plays Call of Duty Mobile just saying it is a perfect action game and battle royale mode of the game has the highest number of games.

Graphics matters a lot in the popularity of any game, but Call of Duty is a well-known game because, in the PC version and console games, it was already available on iOS and Android.

There are so many things in the game that many players do not know and all these call of duty mobile cheats and about the game are written below –

Explore Gameplay

The gameplay of Call of Duty Mobile is quite simple, yet there are many important things in the game that players have to focus on.

In the beginning of the game, players have to choose the character what they want to choose, there are many types of character available in the game, and every player has different choices. These characters are mentioned below –

  • Captain Price
  • Alex Mason
  • Simon Riley
  • David Mason

These are the characters, and among those, players have to choose one. After choosing the character properly, the game begins, and players have to choose what kind of match they want to play.

Learn the controls

Controls of Call of Duty Mobile is quite simple, and on the virtual buttons, it looks so great and easy to operate the characters as well.

Activision Publishers have provided every single thing in controls that will help the gamers to operate the characters and other things as well.

In a single match, players can learn entire controls of the game, and it just requires practice to operate the game faster.

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Try every weapon

In Call of Duty Mobile, many weapons are available, and every weapon has different damage-dealing rate, firing speed, and re-loading speed. If you are willing to be a perfect player, then you have to try every weapon and use it against the enemy.


The feature plays a vital part in Call of Duty Mobile, and without having many features, it is impossible to enjoy. Now developers are doing their best to make it a perfect game even it is already a perfect mobile game for action game players.

Some of the features are very important, and some are supportive features so that players can fully enjoy and entertain from the game. Now some important features are written below –

  • Can play with friends
  • Solo, Duo, Squad matches
  • Amazing locations
  • Deadly weapons with attachments
  • Amazing graphics to enjoy
  • All new skins of guns, airships

These features have made Call of Duty Mobile a perfect mobile game, and there is no doubt that developers and publishers have done a perfect thing to make Call of Duty Mobile a perfect action game.