How to Become an Expert Dragon Breeder in DragonVale

Published on February 13, 2020

dragonvale game

Breeding dragons is the fundamental task in DragonVale. Players can only advance in the game by releasing newly-hatched dragons and collecting the subsequent XP as rewards. Here’s a quick guide on how to breed dragons in DragonVale

Breeding Caves 

When starting the game, players are provided with a basic Breeding Cave. Once they reach level ten, they get a Cooperative Breeding Cave that allows players to breed their dragons with their friends’ dragons.

The Epic Breeding Island unlocks at the thirteenth level. Here, you can breed two level-four+ dragons and get unique dragons with divNerse elements.

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How to Breed

To start breeding, enter the Breeding Cave. Depending on your level, you will be given access to different types of breeding caves (Epic Breeding Island, Enchanted Breeding Cave, Epic Breeding Island, etc.). Click the “Breed” button and select the two dragons you want to breed.

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Dragons are on level four (or more) to be able to breed. Two dragons can only breed when they are compatible. Or else, the game won’t allow you to select them. For instance, Dragons with opposite elements (Fire and Cold, Plant and Metal, etc.) cannot be chosen. Place each on either side and tap the ‘Breed’ button to start the process.

Getting Results 

Breeding a particular dragon can take quite a lot of attempts. Each type of dragon has its own breeding requirements. For instance, you can only breed the Sun Dragon and Dusk Dragon in the morning.

Similarly, Night Dragon and Nosferatu Dragon can only be bred at night.

The results you get depends on the level and the elements of the dragon. Level 20+ dragons are the best for breeding rare and unique gemstone dragons. Feed and breed your dragons on a day to day basis to ensure that you are the first one to create the rarest breeds!