King Of Avalon Gameplay Guide and Strategies

Published on November 13, 2019


Mobile gaming industry is so big, and games in Playstore and Appstore are both are supported a lot make it happen. Strategy games are the ones that have the highest number of games in the industry.

King of Avalon is one of the best and popular MMO games where millions of players play it every day. Are you playing it?

If not, then just start playing it because there are so many great things that you will find. It’s a huge game, and it is important to play with strategy and learn some skills to complete the game.

Players can make a strong army and raise them, raise the dragon, and can add many friends in gamer as well. It is possible to make allies with real friends and game friends, as well. Now it is your duty to progress the empire with your strategy.

Make a perfect building structure

At the beginning of the game, the first thing that players have to do is to start designing and making the base for the caste and other buildings to make a kingdom.

From zero level to the top level of the game, players have to make everything by proper creativity and strategy. Beginning of the game, players will not have lots of things to unlock to put in the kingdom, but as you go on the upper level and make the castle bigger, new things will keep available.

Use resources to get things done faster

Resources are always helpful, and if you want to keep your empire grow bigger, and then you have to rely on your resources. Resources can be very helpful if you keep upgrading them at the right time.

At the time of unlocking the resources, they will provide much money to use, but after upgrading them, and they can really be very helpful and supportive.

Keep checking the resources after upgrading them because they will make things after then, and it will be very helpful.

Even if you are not playing the game, the resources will still be on generating and making things, however do not try to use king of avalon gift codes generator that is fake and never works.  so always check the game to pick things from resources.

Attack on enemy bases

It’s a multiplayer game, and without any doubt that you have already known, you have to do battle with other opponents as well.

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In the beginning levels of the game, enemies can be weak, and you could defeat them easily, but in the higher level, they will be strong and bigger, and it will be hard to defeat them, but it is a must defeat them.

While attacking the enemy, just focus on their resources to take entire money from their kingdom and will your castle.

Defend the kingdom with strategy

As I told above that, it’s a strategy game, and without the strategy, there is no fight that you can win. In order to defend the kingdom, the strategy is a must and makes your castle in a tricky way.

Do all these things to make the enemy confuse, and your defense will take the enemy down if you play perfectly.