Zombs Royale- Facts, In-Game Currencies, Modes, And Challenges

Published on November 10, 2019

zombs royale game

Zombs Royale is a new 2D Battle Royale multiplayer game from the creators of Zombs.io and Spinz.io. Each player needs to fight with other 99 online players on the battlefield.

The game is becoming more popular due to its features, challenges, actions, rewards, and functions. Hundreds of items, weapons are also added that players can use to go far faster.

Gamers can freely play the game on Android and iOS devices without getting stressed or tensed.

If you are the one who needs to know everything essential about the game, try to focus on the mentioned content.

Here we are going to discuss some essentials, facts, currencies, challenges of the game that you should know. Here we go with the meaningful content that helps you to grab unlimited benefit and enjoy-

Game modes

There are various modes available in the Zombs Royale game that players can choose as per their mood, needs, and requirements.

Well, three kinds of modes are fully developed named solo, duo, and squad mode. On the other hand, other time-limited modes are- 50v50, zombies, superhero, weapons race, and crystal clash.

You can choose any way to play the game in which you can explore endless fun besides can reduce all mental stress.


Hundreds of challenges in the form of daily events, missions, and another set of tasks available in the game that you need to complete.

Completing every challenge offers an array of benefits, bonuses, awards, and prizes to the players. Also, playing all problems wisely helps users to create superhit plans and strategies to win, progress faster without getting stressed.

Challenges make the man more comfortable and excited to play the game. So, players can enjoy the tasks more as each challenge contains different objectives.

Free rewards

Every 3 hours, gamers are offered free rewards in the form of bonuses. They can gain the benefit of free prizes to collect items, in game currencies, and so on.

As its not an easy task to receive in-game items by other methods, so they can gain the benefit of rewards. Especially beginners are suggested to perform this task correctly in order to gain more profits, items, or bonuses.

In-game currencies

Coins, Gold, and Gems are three main currencies used in the Zombs Royale game from which you can perform various tasks. Like all other games, Zombs Royale also includes some kinds of currencies from which you can purchase all items, besides can complete each task smoothly. Maintaining all currencies in a more massive amount permits users to play and progress faster without getting stressed or depressed.

There are many ways or zombs royale cheats available in the Zombs Royale game to earn these currencies. Some of the top and most natural methods are mentioned below-

  • Complete challenges
  • Free rewards
  • Play daily events
  • Connect with Facebook
  • Earn more EXP’s
  • Play in a squad

So, these are some facts of the Zombs Royale game that every player needs to know before jumping to battle mode.